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How to Buy a Firearm on our Website

  1. First, choose a firearm from our online inventory…
  2. Click on the firearm of your choice and add it to your cart!
  3. When you are ready to checkout, go to your cart and click on the black CHECKOUT button…
  4. You will then fill out your payment information to be processed by secure checkout…

At this point, if you are purchasing a firearm, you will need to have located your nearest FFL Dealer  (this can be your local Gun Shop, Gun Range or Pawn Shop that holds a current Federal Firearms License and is willing to process your transfer).

We will have a resource in the near future for you to find this FFL Dealer. We can help you find your nearest FFL Dealer easily – request one on the Contact Page

Once this is live, use the following:

Select the FFL you would like your firearm to be shipped to. If you do not see your dealer of choice on our FFL Locator you may choose the option “My dealer is not listed, and will provide a copy of their Federal Firearms License.” If you choose an FFL dealer that is not on file please have your dealer email their address/license to us at

Once we receive the dealer’s information, we will ship the firearm to their mailing address… Upon delivery to your dealer, you will complete the background check at your dealer’s place. Once that is complete and approved, the firearm is yours.

Federal Law Regarding the Purchase of Ammunition

At present federal law governing ammunition is limited to a prohibition on sales to and purchases by certain categories of persons, and a prohibition on the manufacture, importation and sale of armor-piercing ammunition.

Prohibited Purchasers:  Federal prohibited purchaser categories for firearms also apply to ammunition. For a list of these categories, see our customer affidavit below.

Federal law does not require ammunition sellers to verify that a prospective purchaser is of legal age to purchase or possess ammunition. Federal law does not require a license to sell, purchase, or possess ammunition.

Summary of State Law

States have enacted a variety of laws regulating ammunition. The strongest laws, such as those in Connecticut, New York, and D.C., require a background check or license for the purchase or possession of ammunition, and impose licensing or other requirements on sellers of ammunition.  Additional states restrict access to ammunition by certain categories of dangerous people or people under a certain age. A larger number of states have enacted bans similar to the federal ban on armor-piercing ammunition, or regulate other specific kinds of unusually dangerous ammunition.

Description of State Laws Regulating Ammunition

  •  State Laws Requiring a Background Check or License before the Purchase or Possession of Ammunition:

New York enacted a groundbreaking law in 2013 that will require every “commercial transfer” of ammunition, including sales by firearms dealers and other ammunition vendors to individuals, to be preceded by a background check through a statewide license and record database. The law will become effective 30 days after the State Police certifies that the database is operational.

D.C. generally prohibits the possession of ammunition unless the person is at a firearm safety class or possesses a registration certificate for a firearm. Licensed dealers may generally transfer ammunition only to the registered owner of a firearm of the same caliber or gauge as the ammunition, or to a nonresident of the District who provides proof that the weapon is lawfully possessed and is of the same gauge or caliber as the ammunition to be purchased.

Four states (Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey) require a license for all ammunition purchasers or possessors and require a background check before issuance of a license. Illinois requires residents to obtain a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card before they can lawfully purchase or possess ammunition. Massachusetts also requires a firearm permit or license to purchase or possess ammunition, with different types of licenses entitling the holder to purchase and possess different kinds of ammunition. New Jersey generally prohibits any person from acquiring any handgun ammunition unless the transferee possesses a permit and first exhibits the permit to the seller or transferor.  In 2013, Connecticut enacted a law that authorizes a state agency to issue “ammunition certificates,” and prohibits the sale or transfer of ammunition unless the transferee presents a firearms purchase or carry permit or an ammunition certificate. Ammunition certificates are issued by the state after a background check, and must be renewed every five years.

Affidavit of Customer Purchasing Ammunition

  • I am at least twenty-one (21) years old.
  • I am not a fugitive from justice.
  • I am not an illegal alien.
  • Monk’s Guns, Tackle & Outdoors is not violating any state or local laws by selling ammunition and/or having it delivered to me.
  • I have not renounced my U.S. citizenship.
  • I have never been and discharged from any armed forces under dishonorable conditions.
  • I am not under indictment for, nor have I been convicted in court of a crime punishable by more than a year in prison or of any crime of domestic violence.
  • I am currently not subject to a restraining order.
  • I am not an unlawful user or addict of any controlled substance, nor have I been adjudicated as mentally defective and/or been committed to any mental institution.

You also agree that if any of the above statements are determined to be false or untrue, you will release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Monk’s Guns, Tackle & Outdoors and all of its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies, owners, agents, offices, and employees from and against any potential civil and criminal liability or prosecution.

We are currently unable to ship ammo to Alaska and Hawaii. Monk’s Guns, Tackle & Outdoors also cannot ship to Massachusetts, nor can Monk’s Guns, Tackle & Outdoors ship to several towns and cities due to local laws and ordinances. Please understand that if you attempt to have product shipped to such places, we have to cancel your order. Please contact by phone or e-mail if you have any questions.